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Festival des Arts Numériques Libres


Camping of the "Montagne Verte"

Montagne Verte is a suburb southwest of Strasbourg, near the center but with plenty of green space. The Campground Montagne Verte offers in this space about 200 locations including 85 serviced with electricity and 30 serviced with water and electricity to about 30 minutes by bus and tram from the Esplanade campus.

Price :

The prices offered by the site range from € 9.60 for one vehicle with up to € 18.60 without.
Fee Schedule

Contact Phone: 03 88 30 25 46
Site camper

Campingplatz Kehl (Germany)

This campground is located on the other side of the Rhine near from the "Jardin des deux Rives" and 5 km from the site of the LSM.