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How to make my business opensource & viable. Live, on the ground feedback.

Intervenant(s) : David Sauvage

  • Langue : Anglais
  • Type d'événement : Conférence
  • Date : Lundi 11 juillet 2011
  • Horaire : 14h40
  • Durée : 40 minutes

Lieu : Patio - Amphi 5


During five years, David has evolved as an Agile Software Architect in a world leader in mission-critical information systems for defence and security, aerospace and transportation. He now has a significant experience in critical software and software engineering technologies, methods and processes background.

He then resigned from his company in July 2010 to form AdaLabs, a company based on Ada related technologies, influenced by the open source economic model, sustainable development, his experience of large industrial group and his software engineering background.

He created an innovative product ; Ada on Rails, which allows critical software to integrate web capabilities securely and efficiently, based on the safe & secure constructs of the Ada programming language, formal proofs and a framework that is modular, tooled and agile.

In this context, raised the question of the economic model of his company and its underlying products, ability of opensource products to evolve in a traditional closed source market, of the business’ ability to grow while enhancing a community around the products.

Thus, for a year, he was able to work on different challenges [1] issued by an open source business model, and now offers some interesting inputs to the community and the entrepreneurs who could be reluctant to engage in opensource.

It is therefore the sharing of someone who has embarked on an adventure to try to get closer to its ideals in a practical way while staying in the present world realities. A libre experience.

[1] Non-exhaustive examples of challenges that will be adressed : - How not to jeopardize my business by adopting a model which is too open ? - How to reach markets that are traditionnaly closed source ? - How can the developers community adopt the company software engineering methods and processes (Agile, Lean, design process, ...) ? - How to be attractive for the developpers community while maintaining the financial growth of the company ? - How to manage in a sustainable manner the product external copyrights ? - What about potential customers who want the product but using a proprietary license ? - What are the interactions between Libre Software & Sustainable Development ? What about their impact on the company ?


David Sauvage graduated from ESME Sudria (French engineering school) in 2004. He started as a software engineer in Thales, where he learned the Ada programming language. Working on tactical data link product lines, he then became an Agile Architect. In 2010, he formed AdaLabs (, a company specialized in Ada based technologies, located in Mauritius, also empowering open source and sustainable development. David started using Debian GNU/Linux in 1999, and launched the GNU Go Ada Initiative ( in 2010.

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