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Free Braille Device

Speaker(s) : Arnaud Fabre, Frédéric Soulier

  • Language : Français
  • Level : Newbie
  • Nature : Conference
  • Date : Wednesday 13 July 2011
  • Schedule : 16h20
  • Duration : 40 minutes

Place : Bâtiment Droit - Eisenmann (amphi 1)


Main issues with accessibility are cost and training. The aim of this project is to provide an alternative to the existing proprietary solutions.

This conference presents the design of a braille device prototype based on open hardware and free software.


Frédéric Soulier is a project manager in a software company and teach embedded system courses in different institutions.

Arnaud Fabre has a PhD in computer science and he is currently focused in accessibility for blind people.

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